A To Z Blogging Challenge: Tea Leaf Reading Dictionary “E”

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Welcome back! There are so many types of teas out there, that it can get a little bit confusing, especially when we are talking about black tea, and the nuances that make it different, so I decided to give you a short guide today:

Darjeeling Black tea is mild, delicate, fruity and light in flavor, and best drank without  milk. or even sugar. Always look for “First Flush”, to ensure highest quality

Keemun Black tea is more wine-like, often even called tabacco-like, and often the favorite of connisseurs. While it can be enjoyed without milk, or sugar, I prefer this one with both.

Assam black tea is the tea most of us know, considering that it is used for base of English breakfast tea, and many other tea blends on the market. Milk and sugar are a must.

Yunnan Black tea has a chocolate, nutty note to it. It is also known as pu-ehr tea. If you like chocolate, you should truly try this one.

But lets get back to our tea leaf symbol dictionary with today’s letter E!

Letter E:

Eagle: beneficial changes are ahead. Some of these might come from a move. A long hope or dream is more likely to become true. This symbol includes the possibility of an inheritance

Elephant: a lucky sign of good health, power and good fortune

Eggs: the birth of a new idea, adventure or child

Eyes: solving difficulties – also shows the true depth of a person’s character and their commitment to those whom they love

Eyeglasses: surprising turn of events in your favor


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4 thoughts on “A To Z Blogging Challenge: Tea Leaf Reading Dictionary “E”

  1. Funny really, in the days I when I drank tea I just bought a regular brand from the store and didn’t even consider the different types of black tea (which we called Indian Tea) or green tea which we called China Tea. Nowadays I drink coffee 99.9 % of the time and when I go to a Chinese restaurant I drink green tea.

    1. this is true for many people – it’s simply black tea, or green tea. One has to try the differences first, before noticing them. Especially when milk and sugar is added, which masks the subtle notes. Glad you enjoyed this post!

  2. Now maybe I’m not reading every single word, but do you have to have a certain type of tea… can it be any tea… like if I took a tea bag apart could I use that??? I think I want to try this to see if I can see anything. You’ve really got me curious now!!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. any loose leaf tea without too broad leaves will work – for example, loose leaf Darjeeling, or even green tea (just not gunpowder – those leaves are too big) is just fine. You can also use herbal teas without black or green tea, as long as they are loose. Pretty much anything you can purchase from Teavana, that does not have big chunk of citrus in them works well. No teabags though – those are too fine. Glad you found my series interesting so far! Blessings!

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