A Positive Thought For Today: Express Yourself Freely

A Positive Thought For The Day

A Positive Thought For Today:  Express Yourself Freely

Did you know that holding back your voice, your opinion, and your truths can cause physical symptoms and disease? Not speaking with your own voice, and allowing others to control your expression, has a negative effect on your thyroid. Regain your own voice by gently asking yourself in which areas of your life you are holding back, then slowly begin to express your opinion with more assertiveness. This is not about forcing your opinion onto others, but a directive to allow yourself the freedom of sharing that which is  important to you.
Speak your mind – heal your thyroid.

Want to learn more about healing your thyroid? Check out my article “Hypothyroidism: Which Foods To Eat And Which To Stay Away From”


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3 thoughts on “A Positive Thought For Today: Express Yourself Freely

  1. Very well said! Like most of us, there has been a time when I though holding back was better, but it was not only toxic for my relationships, it was also toxic to me and my body.

    Now I try my best to always be truthful and speak my mind. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thankyou for your positive energy which I needed today Claudia. I’ve heard things similar to what you are saying but I’m not sure if its 100% true althugh people have mentioned about a blocked throat chakra from energy not being released and expressed.

    What are your favourite supplements for healing the thyroid and why?

    1. It is much more complicated then that, of course. Family history, diet, and other chronic illnesses have a great effect on your thyroid as well.

      When it comes to supplements, my favorite are PatchMD Iron supplement patch and the multivitamin patch for my specific thyroid problems. Iron deficiency can make it harder for your body to obsorb iodine, and I have both a type of Iron-deficiency anemia since childhood (I produce too many white blood cells, and not enough red ones), and I have severe iodine-decifient hypothyroidism, with goiter. 

      I use the patches instead of oral vitamin supplements, because I am first off all allergic to all oral iron supplements I have tried so far, and because due to my enlarged thyroid have severe problems with swallowing food – pills are impossible for me to swallow. 

      As to the throat chakra – as an abuse victim, I am sure that not being able to speak my mind had a contributing factor to my health problems. I could have had a lot of other genetic issues, that stem from my family, but those who manifested themselves are related to my inability to express myself throughout my childhood, and early adulthood. 

      So, I speak from experience, when I share my stories here on Avalon-Media. 

      I hope this clarified it a little. 



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