A Positive Thought For The Day – You Are A Winner

A Positive Thought For The Day

A positive thought for today: You Are Winning As Long As You Learn Something Every Day

Every day holds  a lesson, every day is an opportunity to embrace that lesson, and grow from it. Even on a day, where you feel like nothing is going right, there are lessons hidden within that experience. It might be a tug by the Universe to tell you to move a different way, to take a different action. Or it might be a reminder that you are moving off your chosen path.

Whatever the lesson is, it is your job is to find it, to embrace it, and to grow from it. If you do that, then you are a winner indeed.

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Positive Thought For The Day


This is the beginning of a new series on positive thinking and positive living. Why not share it with someone who might need a little motivation!  Stay tuned!



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