A Positive Thought For The Day – Perseverance

A Positive Thought for The Day: Perseverance
Setting goals is not enough. Taking action can only take you so far within one day. It is perseverance  which allows you to succeed, to ultimately reach your goals, and cross that finish line, you have been working towards, for so long.
You wrote out your goals, set plans in motion and took many inspired actions. Yet, your goal seems to be out of reach just as far as it had on the day you started following your dreams. Seems to be. But is it? Just because you can not see the result yet, does it not mean that you have not inched ever so much closer toward where you want to be. There are too many factors in play for you to see every progress clearly, right now. But there is progress.
The choice you have to make is to preserve or to give up. If you give up, you might be lucky and never see how close you have come to actually arriving at your destination. But most of the time we are not that lucky. If you persist, however, stick with the actions you know you need to take and work on moving forward every single day, your chances of achieving just what you wished for, are much greater than you might think right now.
We need perseverance- a price we have to pay if we want to succeed. Are you willing to pay that price?

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