A Positive Thought For The Day – Face Everything And Rise



Living a life of growth means that we can not avoid feeling fear. Fear of the new situation, a new business venture
taking the chance to make a step toward the unknown, whatever it is, fear tends to find its way back into our lives,
even if we have overcome it before.
But that is exactly where your point of power lies. The realization that you have overcome so many things you have
been previously afraid of. You have survived those situations, and in many cases have learned valuable lessons from them.
So, today I suggest for you to take a few moments and write down all of the situations you have felt fear, but did
what you had to anyway. Write down how far you have come, because you faced your fears, and make sure you keep this list available to you. During those times where fear seems to immobilize you, you can revisit that list,
and renew your resolve to work through to the other side of it.



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