A Positive Thought For The Day: Cultivate Your Inner Wisdom

Cultivate Your Inner Wisdom

Do you trust your instinct? The voice within that guides you through those times, in which you should be paying attention? Your inner wisdom should be trusted and cherished, but it does take practice to learn to listen to it.  Often times, we drowned out our own guidance system by listening to others, and to by listening to our fears. Our fears, many stemming from childhood trauma, and past experiences are there to keep us safe, but if they get too loud, they out- scream the true voice we should be listening to.

Trusting your inner wisdom also requires you to be silent. Daily meditation, allows your intuition to come forth. Meditation teaches you to calm your mind, and to be in the present, a great way to release anxiety, and that above-mentioned fear.

Journaling is another way to learn to listen to your inner wisdom. Keeping track of your hunches, and how they turned out, will allow you to grow your trust in them.

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Include your inner wisdom in your gratitude routine. Thank it every time, you have experienced a hunch, and be grateful that you have listened to it. Acknowledge it’s presence to allow it to grow into a more prominent partner.

Because it is Friday, I want to encourage you to share along with me, your weekly gratitude list. While I think that a daily gratitude practice is important to live and optimal life, this weekly sharing is a great way to emphasise this practice and give it accountability. You can sign up for being a part of a weekly gratitude blog hop, by following this

I am grateful this week for:
the fact that is getting cooler. I love Fall, and I am looking forward to decorating my house in the most awesome Autumn colors
the fact that I am on track with my business and personal goals. I have worked hard to stay focused, and I am glad
to see some of the results already.
the fact that I am sleeping better. With the colder temperatures comes the relief from some of my allergies. I am thankful for each moment that I am at ease.

What are you grateful for this week?

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3 thoughts on “A Positive Thought For The Day: Cultivate Your Inner Wisdom

  1. I do trust my instincts and try hard to tune out all the noise and listen to what they have to say. They always guide me in the right direction.

    I’m definitely grateful for it being cooler. Fall is a lovely season and I enjoy its beautiful colors here in New England. Wishing you continued success in all your goals!

  2. So True. I’ve been slacking up on my daily meditation and gratitude work. Thank you for giving me that little reminder that I need to get back into it.Yes I totally agree trust your inner voice (I’m speaking from experience after going through a horrible divorce). I always remind myself to block out fear and think good thoughts Fear attracts Fear!!!!

  3. Yes, I trust my instincts. But that’s after living through some big problems and learning a lot. Yay for fall, lessening of allergies, and sleeping better! I’m glad to hear your business and personal life are flourishing! 🙂

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