6 Ways To Get Active and Earn Extra Cash This Spring

Are you looking to earn some extra money this spring by getting on your feet and being active? These six methods will help you rake in the cash while making and maintaining healthy habits.

 1. Babysitting


You’ve probably never considered babysitting an active hobby. However, chasing down two-year-olds is more demanding than it appears. Whether you’re watching a baby, a toddler, a child, or a teenager, babysitting is rewarding in more ways than one. You’ll learn about lifestyles other than your own. You’ll be able to take part in raising a child. And, all the while, you’ll be making extra cash.

Spread the word about your interest in babysitting this spring by making flyers, business cards, and an official website. Learn more about babysitting tips and tricks through Parenting.com.

 2. Dog Walking


Maybe you aren’t ready to make a commitment that involves children. Maybe, on some level, you don’t feel comfortable in the homes of strangers. This is completely understandable. Instead of housesitting, petsitting, or babysitting, consider dog walking. You’ll visit the homes of each dog, but you’ll be able to walk wherever you’d like.

This job doesn’t require a vehicle, experience, or equipment. All you need is a knack for dogs and the urge to walk.

3. Housesitting / Petsitting


If you work well with others, but aren’t interested in babysitting, think about becoming a house or petsitter. As a housesitter, you’ll focus on watering plants, getting the mail, and keeping the property safe from harm. Read more about becoming a housesitter through Trusted Housesitters.

As a pet sitter, you’ll do most of the same things – in addition to taking care of animals. If you market your talent as a pet sitter, be sure to specify which animals you are comfortable working with. If you have any allergies or preferences, this should be noted on your advertising materials.

 4. Landscaping


Do you enjoy working outdoors? Have you always been a fan of gardening or lawn mowing? Consider starting your own landscaping service this spring.

Plenty of men (and women) hate mowing the lawn every single week. Even if you don’t want to specialize in gardening, you can make $15-20 for each lawn you mow. You’ll need some equipment to get started. Some households will provide a mower. Others will require that you bring your own. Ask around and research your area before deciding what you need to purchase.

 5. Painting


If you enjoy working inside and outside but prefer to work with mediums like paint, talk to your neighbors and see if you can stir interest in a spring painting business. You can paint both exterior and interior walls. By charging your clients for paint, materials, and labor, you’ll be able to run your own self-serving business without going into debt or losing initial money. Painting can be done individually, but you might want to consider working with a partner on larger projects.

6. Newspaper Delivery


 When all else fails, consider working a newspaper route. Not only will you be able to enjoy the fresh air from the comfort of your bicycle, but you’ll meet new people and maintain healthy exercise habits along the way.

Looking for more interesting business ideas? Small Biz Trends has some useful ideas to share.

Remember, active hobbies lead to a healthier lifestyle and a higher level of confidence. Get started today!


Henry is the co-creator of Dallas-based FitWellTraveler. The site blends two of his favorite subjects – travel and health – to provide readers with helpful information about how they can get the most out of both.

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