5 Smart Ways To Use Essential Oils Around The Home


5 Smart Ways To Use Essential Oils Around Your Home


It is no secret that I love essential oils and aromatherapy, and I am not the only one. Scents, especially those who are pure and non-synthetic can offer a range of health benefits, from increasing your ability to relax and sleep to the ability to assist with breathing problems, and much more.

While I highly suggest that you should read my post on essential oils and pets, if you have any animal in your home, before implementing any suggestions that I am about to give you, essential oils are generally safe even for people with allergies, like various members of our family. But to be safe, make sure that you keep any potential allergies, or counteractions with medications, and other treatments in mind, before starting to work with essential oils and aromatherapy.

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It is also important to note, that you should make sure that those essential oils you choose are therapeutic grade. Due to their availability in many stores and online, they are comparable in price to their synthetic counterparts but are the only ones you should truly use in your home. Dr. Axe has published an extensive guide to the potential dangers of the synthetic fragrances, which I consider a must read.

Here are 5 Smart Ways To Use Essential Oils Around The Home


#1 Water Diffuser and Room Freshener

This is one of my absolute favorite ways to use essential oils around our home. Add six to eight drops of your favorite scent to a bowl of water. If the water is warm, it will help spread the scent more quickly. You could place the bowl on a table or counter. If you’re really in need of a quick freshening, simply add the drops to a pan of boiling water. Choose your essential oils based on your mood or need. For example, if you want to freshen up your home lemon, verbena, orange or other light scents are ideal. If you’re looking to relax, try lavender or sandalwood.

#2 Bathroom Room and Linen Deodorizer.

Forget Febreeze, or the other room sprays out there. Instead, add a few drops of essential oil to water in a spray bottle. Keep a bottle in your bathroom. You can also use this mix to  Spray near pet areas. – but read the safe/non-safe list for pets first!  to freshen linens, both in the bathroom and the bedroom. Lavender spray in your bedroom is a great way to add a relaxing scent.

#3 Sachet and Closet Freshener.

These are easy to implement. And who does not like a great smelling closet? I sure do!Add a few drops of essential oils to cotton balls and place in drawers or corners of your closet. Lavender, cedar or sandalwood are nice choices, but I also sometimes use Bitter Orange, as it is mood lifting.

# 4 Sinus Remedy.

This was the first way I was introduced to essential oils and their healing power. During cold and flu seasons, my parents would add chamomile essential oil to a bowl of hot water, and ask us to inhale the steam. It loosened up any congestion and cleared our sinuses. You can also use eucalyptus for this method, but the stronger scent may irritate smaller children or those with very sensitive skin.

# 5 Counter Cleaner.

I love the smell of essential oils in kitchen cleaners! Meyer’s cleaning products make the most use of that, which I will use in a pinch, but I prefer to make my own. Add 15 drops of either lemon, thyme, basil or even geranium oil to ½ cup of distilled white vinegar and 4 cups of hot water. Use to clean countertops in your kitchen and bathroom.

A word of caution:

Besides the dangers to animals, I have already mentioned, I want to make sure to note that essential oils should be treated like household cleaners and medication. Always keep them out of the reach of children!

Questions: What is your favorite way to use essential oils, and which scents are your favorite?










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