5 Benefits of A Daily Mindfulness Practice

5 Benefits of A Daily Mindfulness Practice

While many people have heard about mindfulness, most of them will never attempt to develop a mindfulness practice, because they are not aware of the many benefits it has. While that is a shame, it is completely understandable. Therefore I wanted to compile a list of 5 benefits of a mindfulness practice for you here today, to motivate you to add this potentially life changing daily habit into your routine

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1. According to the experts of “Mindfulness For Beginners”, simply practicing mindfulness for just eight weeks, will improve your immune system, by lowering the stress hormone cortisol. A continuous high level of cortisol has an adverse effect on your ability to fight infections, and well as negatively affect your thyroid levels.

2. Mindfulness and meditation practices have also cognitive benefits – allowing the practitioner to be able to focus for a longer period of time, improve concentration, and aid in retaining information.

3. The calming effect of a daily mindfulness practice greatly lowers the impulsiveness of its practitioners and allows a more thorough evaluation of consequences, rather than mindless action. This positive behavior in return can improve relationship and interpersonal skills.

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4. If you are a practitioner of Law of Attraction or are seeking to improve your positive thinking skills, a daily mindfulness practice can improve your ability to stay in a positive flow, smoothing any emotional rollercoaster, we are often subjected to. Outside influences are observed rather than reacted to. This detachment allows a more balanced  approach to life, rather than a reactive approach.

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5. If you are in a leadership or teaching position, mindfulness practice enables you to provide a more stable and calm environment, which in itself increases productivity, and ability to observe information. In this aspect, mindfulness has a large ripple effect within any interpersonal connections you have. Your effectiveness to direct another calmly, and with thoughtfulness, will greatly enable your ability to lead – may it be in business or your personal life.

If you are interested in starting a mindfulness practice, I highly suggest that you read Llewellyn’s Complete Book Of Mindful Living



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