4 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Raw Meals

4 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Raw MealsThis post contains affiliate links – as well as a vegan raw food recipe, so read all the way to the end!

I do not limit my diet to a particular lifestyle, may it be raw vegan, or otherwise, but rather optimize my food that fits my life, and health the best, as long as I eat 95 % clean. I do however add quite a few vegan raw food recipes into my diet, and that of my family with very diverse eating habits (my daughter is vegan, my son vegetarian, and my husband is on a diet to prevent blood pressure issues, while being neither). The raw food diet though, is a concept I have been familiar with since childhood, growing up in Germany. Rohkost or raw food meals were used to treat certain ailments, or just simply made as  a part of our meals. At least, is was in our family.

The cool thing is, that you do not need anything fancy to start incorporating raw meals into your diet, even though many recipes can call for spiralizers and special high-speed blenders. While these are all good to have, for those who want to start out, they are not something you need. Your normal everyday tools  appliances can get you started just as well.

So why should you try to get more raw food recipes and meals into your diet?

1. The nutrients and vitamins stay intact.The main benefit of eating raw is that the nutritional integrity of the food you are preparing stays intact. Cooking foods can  ( and usually does) destroy some of those vitamins, minerals and all of the good stuff you are trying to bring into your diet, by eating more veggies in the first place. None of that occurs when preparing your meals raw.

2. There is no long meal prep.  Most raw meals are rather quick and easy to prepare. So it is easily possible to prepare an entire meal for your family within ten minutes. How cool is that!

3. It is very portable. A bento box full of veggies, and prepared sauces or dressings is a very portable meal, that does not require a microwave or a stove to be enjoyed. Raw meals are perfect for the office, and can be just as balanced as a cooked meal if planned correctly.

4. Increased focus. Many people I have talked to, who added more raw meals to their diet have spoken about their increased ability to stay focused for a longer period of time. I agree with that experience, because when I make a point of incorporating more raw meals throughout the week into my life, my ability to stay longer on task increases noticeably. While I am not aware of a specific study validating that claim, it is my personal experience, and understandably so, considering that my nutrient intake has increased, which also affects brain function positively.

Wondering how to actually turn this into a practice, now that you know why you should?

You can start simple, by a large bowl of fruit for breakfast, or a variety of cut up veggies with your favorite homemade salsa
or hummus as a dip. But you can also make yourself a soup, if you have a blender, like this creamy tomato soup

Creamy RawTomato Soup

Creamy Raw Tomato Soup Recipe (Vegan) 

You will need
4 tomatoes
2 medium carrots – peeled
1 to 2 celery
1 tablespoon of your favorite almond butter
1 tablespoon coconut oil
2 -3 dried tomatoes (not in olive oil)
2 teaspoons of dried oregano
1 teaspoon of dried  basil
1 teaspoon of dried thyme
salt and pepper to taste
some water

Place all of the ingredients into a blender, adding water to it, while you blend it all up, until it reaches the desired consitency.
Place into your favorite bowl and granish with arucola, or parsely – whatever you have on hand.



If you are feeling more adventurous, check out this book by a wonderful Youtuber named Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, also known as Raw Food Kristina. I absolutely adore her tips on raw foods, meal prep, her raw vegan recipes and now her book, which is a Bestseller on Amazon – for good reason. A great book to start your journey on eating more raw – get it today! Ranging from savory to sweet, there is something for everyone in her book!

The Fully Raw Diet available on Amazon now! 


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9 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Raw Meals

  1. By lucky coincidence my hubs was just asking me the other day if I knew how to make tomato soup. I didn’t then, but now I have your lovely recipe. Thanks!

  2. Hey great post. I love these 4 reasons. It is why I usually make myself a green smoothie during the morning hours. I add some hemp protein powder to increase the iron content (I need it 🙂 ) Add some spinach, fresh fruit and some yoghurt, juice or milk.
    It is so easy to take to work. I just add the ingredients into a container and throw them into a blender when I feel I need it. It helps me stay energized and focused.
    I also love making salads and guacamole and hummus are some of my favorite foods!

    1. I have never tried Hemp protein powder, which brand do you use? I am always anemic, so I am constantly looking for solutions to that problem – thanks for stopping by, blessings!

  3. I became a vegetarian not too long ago (about a couple of months now) mainly for health reason. I reversed my high cholesterol level at very dangerous risk and brought it back to normal level within less than two months by just giving up meat and fast food. Well to be correct I still consume eggs and dairy products so I’m a lacto-ovo-vegetarian. Anyways, I’m still working towards eating even more healthy and trying to avoid over cooking my veggies or buying frozen food. For raw non frozen consumption, I’ve only been doing that with fruits. I’m still a beginner :). But haven’t thought about blending veggies to make a soup until I saw this! Usually I’ll put veggies and boil them in a stew, but I heard boiling them too much will reduce some nutritious value. I’m gonna try blending veggies now. Haha I’m a bit excited.

    1. glad to that you are exited! There are so many things you can do with raw foods, you would be surprised! I am very fond of raw carrot coconut cake with apple topping! I have a sweet tooth!

      You have done very well with getting in control of your health – good for you! That takes discipline, something you should truly be proud off.


  4. Wow, that’s a lot of different diets to have in the one family, I don’t think I could manage that! I’ve been a vegetarian for a few years now and I’m still a bit confused as to what to feed myself sometimes. That raw soup looks interesting, I always thought raw soup would be more like a smoothie than a soup. I’m going to give that one a try, thanks for the tip!

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