30 Awesome Positive Living Journal Prompts

30 Awesome Positive Living Journal Prompts
I am a true believer in the power of journaling, but unlike many, I did not grow up with that practice. While I enjoyed the process, I found myself at times at the point where I did not know what to write about, outside of noting what I am grateful for. Simply writing a daily log of what happened left me feeling uninspired, and unmotivated.


Over the next months, I was lucky enough to come across quite a few blog posts and books that talked about writing prompts, weekly themes, and journaling challenges, which was more what I was interested in. I find that these explorations and types of journaling leads to a much deeper experience, and can bring forth some very interesting Aha moments. I adapted them and eventually created my own list of positive living journal prompts, which those the ones I am sharing with you today. (A link to a free printable version of these prompts is further down below)
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  1. List ten things that you have seen today (or the day before, if you journal in the morning), that made you smile.
  2. List three things that make you feel pretty – then plan on doing one of them in the next few days.
  3. List your ten biggest accomplishments
  4. List five character traits you have that you are proud of.
  5. List 5 reasons why you are glad that you are an introvert/extrovert
  6. Write a pretend letter to one of your teachers, and tell him/her how they affected your life.
  7. Write a list of lessons you wish someone would have taught you when you were young.
  8. write a list of positive aspects of having grown up where you did.
  9. write in great detail about your favorite foods as a child, and then make a plan to cook one of them
  10. write a list of your favorite scents and smells, add why you like them and how they make you feel
  11. write about a book that has impacted your life greatly
  12. list 4 things you could do to make your evening routine more relaxing. Do one of them the following night, and every night for a week
  13. Start a bucket list – if you already have one, add 5 items to that list
  14. doodle something silly instead of writing – fill a whole page!
  15. What are you willing to give up to follow your dreams and goals?
  16. What is your favorite part of your morning routine, and why?
  17. When was the last time you have done something really silly? Describe it in details?
  18. List 5 things that make you giggle
  19. Describe your dream vacation/holiday
  20. What mythical place, or place from a novel you have read, would you love to visit?
  21. Which fictional character from either movies, television or books would you love to have a conversation with? What would you talk about?
  22. What is the favorite item in the room/space you are sitting in?
  23. What is the least favorite item in the room/space you are journaling in right now? Why are you keeping it?
  24. What is the most important lesson someone in your family has taught you?
  25. Imagine a world without cellphones, would you like it or hate it? Why?
  26. When is the last time you apologized to someone?
  27. When was the last time, someone apologized to you?
  28. What person could you not imagine your life without?
  29. What item could you not imagine your life without?
  30. Do you own (or are owned by) a pet? Why or why not?
For your convenience, I have created a printable document of these prompts, that you can print out anytime, for free! Click on this link or the image below and to the right for instant access.
My favorite journaling resources are:
Fineliner pens from Stadtler, they don’t bleed through most journal pages, such as the above mentioned Leuchtturm, or my moleskin notebooks
This Masking Sticker Set – because they are so cute!
and of course Washi Tape!
You don’t have to use any of these items, a simple notebook you can get from just about anywhere will do just fine as well to get you started. Happy Journaling!
By the way, did you know that today is Bullet Journal Day? It is the fourth anniversary of the publication of the first bullet journal website created by Ryder Caroll – the inventor of the Bullet Journaling system. In honor of this awesome day, I have been participating all August – so far – in the BohoBerry Plan With Me, and Productivity challenges, as I mentioned in the last post, on Instagram. You can see a lot of my bullet journal spreads there.


Happy Planning!


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