30 Awesome Journal Prompts For November

30 Awesome Journal Prompts For November

Hi, you lovely people! I am so happy to announce a new feature here on Avalon Media.

Monthly Journal Prompts!

I love journaling and find it essential for a healthy, self-care and a powerful morning routine. But, I also know how hard it can be to think of something to write about each and every day.

That is why I decided to share with you a monthly Journal prompt post, and printable, so that you can get the most out of your journaling experience.

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All you need to participate is a journal of your choice and a pen (or digital word processing program) of your choice. If you do choose to participate with a paper journal, I invite you to share images of your entries on Instagram with the Hashtag #AvalonJournalChallenge

But now, let me share with you the Journal Prompts.

For a printable version of the prompts click here

  1. What are most passionate about?
  2. Write your mission statement
  3. What are the biggest 3 things you have learned so far this year?
  4. What do you fear the most?
  5. What steps can you take today to overcome that fear?
  6. Do you have any recurring dreams? What are they?
  7. Re-read yesterday’s entry and free write for 10 minutes on what they may try to tell you.
  8. What would you choose – being a genius, or having a superpower? Why?
  9. List three things that you could do for self-care, then pick one of them and plan it in details.
  10. What are your favorite traits in people?
  11. What are your least favorite traits in people?
  12. Do you have any of those traits? Write about how you can overcome them.
  13. What is the most positive memory from your childhood?
  14. What is the most negative memory from your childhood? Have you shared this memory with anyone?
  15. Write a letter to someone from your childhood (without sending it – only in your journey) and tell them how they affected you – positive or negative.
  16. Write someone a thank you letter, even if you don’t know their name.
  17. What chance encounter with a stranger has made you feel better (about your day, about yourself or otherwise)
  18. Brainstorm 10 things that you could do to make random people feel better, then do one of them.
  19. What are some of the bad habits that you want to replace?
  20. What action steps can you take today to replace one bad habit?
  21. What good habits can you add to your life today?
  22. Brainstorm on how you could improve your morning and evening routines
  23. Write a list of things that you like about your daily routine.
  24. Do you prefer to read, or to watch TV/Videos? Why?
  25. What is your ideal life partner like?
  26. If there were no limitations, what would your ideal career be?
  27. What is keeping you from pursuing your ideal career?
  28. How can you start creating your ideal career for yourself today? Make a list of action steps!
  29. Which foods make you feel your optimal self?
  30. Which foods make you feel less good?

From now on, every end of the month, I will be posting more prompts for you to follow along. I hope you will join me in celebrating the amazing power of journaling!

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P.S. Don’t forget to get your printable version of the Journal Prompts, by clicking HERE



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12 thoughts on “30 Awesome Journal Prompts For November

  1. I’ve loved to write since before Kindergarten, even though it started as just scribbles, I write in my journal daily and love finding new writing prompts to keep me going! Thanks for sharing! I will be using these!!

  2. This is a fantastic list. You can definitely get writers block when you keep a journal. These are all thought provoking topics. And they seem really good for help someone really learn more about themselves.

  3. Usually, when I journal I tend to just write down my thoughts for the day or week. I don’t have much of a structure, but I like the idea of using prompts to really focus my writing and thinking.

  4. These are some awesome prompts. As it’s November now and the year is wrapping up, it’s a good time to step back and see what we’ve accomplished this year!

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