3 Things I Learned From My Pets

3 Things I Learned From My Pets

My pets are a large part of my life and are as much of a part of the family as the human members. As I reflect on my few years with the current rescues (others have left us by crossing the rainbow bridge, to a restful place), I have come across five lessons I have learned from them. Who says you can not teach an “old” (cough) human a few tricks?

Lucky showed up three days ago, nothing but skin and bones. She is now a member of our family. And apparently, loves purses

  1. Living In The Now. Pets don’t hang on to the past, and relive the hurts of long ago, but rather focus on the pleasures and positivities of right now. They are living in a continuous state of enjoying the present moment. While it is not very conceivable for humans to not think of the future or not learn from our past, we nevertheless should learn from our pets and the focus for the majority of our time on the present moment. To integrate this positive living technique into your life, begin practicing mindfulness.
  2. They make friends easily, and without reservations. My newest member of our little zoo, whom I have found almost starved to death a few days ago, did not hesitate to embrace her new living conditions. Her instincts told her that she would be fine here, that we don’t mean her any harm, so she gave all of us a chance. That is, considering her past abandonment, not a small feat. Learn from her example, and don’t let your past cloud your judgment when approaching others.3 Things I Learned From My Pets Click To Tweet
  3. They are not afraid of making a fool of themselves. It does not matter how silly it looks, or how much you drool when playing with your friends, as long as you are having fun – at least that is what my dear dog Athena’s motto is. When she is happy, her happiness is obvious, and she lets everyone know it. And she is enthusiastically happy most of the time unless she is eating or sleeping. Having fun – especially the kind that creates belly laughs, and will resonate with you for a long time, often includes fun that makes you look kind of silly. Allow yourself to let go of your comfort zone, and standard (and in some cases, very stiff) exterior facade, or mask, and let enthusiasm takes its hold on you.

Sometimes taking a nap together is more important than a perfectly made bed. This was only a few hours after I introduced Lucky to my therapy dog Athena

If you have had the pleasure of a pet companion, what have you learned from them? Leave a comment below!




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