22 Interesting Facts About Tea


22 Interesting Facts About Tea

Hi, and happy Hump-Day (Wednesday, of course)! I love everything about tea, so it is no surprise that I love collecting interesting facts about tea, and anything related to it. Today, I wanted to share a list of 22 facts, that might surprise you. check it out:


22 Facts about Tea

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  1. In Russia tea was traditionally prepared in a samovar, which is a heated metal container that keeps it warm for hours.
  2. Ireland is the first nation of tea drinkers per capita, Britain is the second.
  3. A tea plant needs at least 50 inches of rain each year
  4. It takes 12 years for a tea plant to be able to produce seeds
  5. If not harvested, a tea plant can grow up to 52 feet tall
  6. Over half of the tea brewed in the US is made from tea bags – about 65 %.
  7. Black tea contains tannic acid, which can remove warts
  8. In order to appear that they are drinking whisky, Actors usually get watered down black tea, which looks very similar.
  9. The first book about tea comes from China, and was written in 780, and is called The Classic of Tea.
  10. Black, Green, Oolong, Dark and White teas come from the same plant, called Camellia sinensis.
  11. High tea originated with the working class British, who would return home at 6pm for dinner that always included strong tea
  12. According to Chinese Legend, the servants of Emperor Shen Nong where purifying water by boiling it, when leaves from the tea bush fell into the water. It was at that time considered as a tonic and health drink.
  13. The most expensive tea in the world is fertilised by Panda waste. It is grown in Ya’An, China, and cost about 200 dollars a cup of tea. Reminds me of the coffee that goes “through” a type of cat – no thank you, to both for me.
  14. Chinese call black tea “red tea”.
  15. The best-selling tea brand in the world is Lipton. Lipton tests their teas on animals, so I prefer different brands.
  16. Tea bags were invented in the US by accident, when customers placed sample silk bags into water, instead of emptying their contents, as it was intended.
  17. Tea only contains about half as much caffeine as coffee
  18. The only places were tea are grown in the US are a small island off the Coast of South Carolina, and also Hawaii
  19. Celestial Seasonings adds soy lecithin to your tea products, which is not good for those who are allergic to this unnecessary ingredient.
  20. In Russia, India, and many other places, Chai means tea, so don’t order chai tea there, they will look at you funny. Instead order Masala Chai.
  21. Pickled tea is a delicacy in Burma.
  22. Dampened tea leaves make a great mosquito repellant.

Shop ALOHA OnlineEnjoyed reading these facts? Some are rather strange, aren’t they?

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Which one of these facts surprised you the most? Do you know any strange facts about tea, you want to share with us? Leave a comment below!






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