Featured Artist Of The Week – Octavi Navarro

  Pixels Hu by Octavi Navarro features fun designs that drew me in because of the artist’s unique ability to draw from video games, and bring that inspiration to life in digital applicable art. I had a chance to connect with him over the last few days and allowed me share some insights into his work …

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Best Of Zazzle – Halloween Edition #1

  Click on the individual pictures for more information on the individual product. As always, please support independent artists! Thank you!

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Quick, Fun And Entertaining – “His Stubborn Lover” by Leslie North

Title: His Stubborn Lover Author: Leslie North Publisher: CreateSpace Publication Date: Sept. 24, 2015 Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romance Rating: 4/5 Stars A very quick, fun read, that could have been turned into a little longer novel, but it was perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon (while I was waiting for my computer to be fixed). …

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Let me tell you about this dog… – A Weekend Coffee Share Post

  Coffee Time    If we were having coffee this weekend, I would welcome you, and tell you that I am relieved that my friend’s dog is okay. I was worried about the puppy all day yesterday because she is still so little (and cute), but she seems to be fine now. I would also …

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Gratitude Post – Hug Edition

  As I am sitting here this morning, trying to think of what  I am grateful for, I must admit, I was taken out of the momentum, by losing my connection and having to crash my computer. It was easy to practice gratitude from the point of preparation, but moving through the unexpected occurrences and …

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Featured Artist Of The Week: Artification

    I ran across Artification (aka Fliss) in my quest of looking for an addition to my growing designer Mug collection, and was immediately drawn to the vivid colors of this artist’s creation. I knew I had to share her creative talent with you.  Her work is exceptionally detailed, and very inviting. Let me introduce …

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Writing Challenges: Why We Love WritingChallenge.org And Why You Should Too

Are you a writer? Then, you – most likely – know how hard it is to carve time away from life to dedicate to your craft. Commitment to your dream conflicts with your responsibilities, and sometimes a little extra motivation could be beneficial to move from wanting to write that book, to actually writing that …

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Weekend Coffee Share – Let Me Tell You About This Book

Smart Squirrel Reading a Dictionary by funnaturephotography If you would come over to my house for a cup of coffee, I would offer you some cinnamon rolls. We found some vegan ones from Amy’s and they are really, really good. You might not be vegan, but I promise you, that you will not be able …

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Celebrate The Small Things – Writing Edition

“Today I am Grateful for…” Gratitude Journal by positivephrasesgifts This week’s gratitude list includes a lot of things about writing. First of all, I am grateful that I was able to plan out some blog posts for the next few weeks on topics I am interested in sharing with you. Because I am writing now …

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