Short And Sweet – Relevance of Flash Fiction And Micro-Fiction

Considering that most people skim online content – which reflects our fast past way of life – Flash Fiction and Micro-Fiction has become a more relevant part of our reading and writing experience. Flash Fiction – short stories between 100 and 1000 words – and Micro-Fiction – very short stories under 100 words – are …

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Gratitude And Express Yourself – Weekly Posts

Time for  another blog hop smash up! Again, there is so much to be grateful for, if one just chooses to look! This week, I am  very grateful for connections. I have had the chance to interview a great writer, Devon Martin, connected with a comedian from Los Angeles (can’t wait to see her perform), …

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Foreigner – A Haiku

my identity crisis unfolds – worlds collide where do I belong? born in the midst of those who see me, as the one belonging elsewhere lost, I search for a little compassion, just once so fear can subside Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015 This post was inspired by a television show on Germany TV, where …

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Fast Five Friday – A Belated Blog Post

A little late is better than not at all – I hope. In order to participate in many, interesting blog hops, and still stay true to my writing, scheduling conflicts lead to posting blog hop post a little late sometimes. This week, that happened with Fast Five Friday, which asked us to write about our …

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Author Devon Henry – The Interview

I am very exited to present to you today an interview with a dear and wonderful fellow Author, Devon Henry. I recently read her book “Kaijin”, – about which I will post an review later this week  – as well as her work on Medium, so I really wanted to share this interesting writer with …

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Hustle – A Haiku

bloody knuckles in the midst of hustle to gain ground – fight for your dream Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015 This post was inspired by today’s Daily Prompt: Enough is Enough, but instead of writing about giving up, I wanted to write about going on, despite failure, and obstacles. Fight for your dreams!

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The Gift – A Five Sentence Flash Fiction

Returning to the place, where she had been abandoned, was supposed to bring her closure of some kind, but instead it brought her only an empty feeling of nothingness. The bare steps of the large church where cold, bare and a stark contrast to her childhood, adopted by the kindest people she ever met, or could …

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