Title: Tales from High Hallack, Volume 2: The Collected Short Stories of Andre Norton Publisher: Premier Digital Publishing Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Release Date: May 20th, 2014 Rating: 5/5 An interesting collection of short stories and a few poems of the late Andre Norton. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered thisRead More →

Title: Snow Queen Author: Linda Wisdom Genre: Traditional Romance Publisher: Joyride Books Release Date: July 8, 2012 Rating: 4/5 Stars A traditional romance with passion, but without explicitness of so many current contemporary romance fiction. Linda Wisdom created a tension filled tale of a woman raised by a tyrannic Grandfather,Read More →

It takes courage to write a novel. It also to takes courage to push through writing when you think everything you wrote is the bottom of the most rotten scum, the literary world has ever seen. Sometimes it takes courage to just sit in front of the computer and stareRead More →