10 Ways To Stop Procrastinating Right Now!

While many of us have great and detailed goals, some of us (myself included) struggle with procrastination at times. It is hard to stay motivated every step of the often long journey of achieving those dreams, so it is easy to fall into the trap of low energy, and inability to take action. But, because I have solid reasons why I want to achieve, what I want to achieve, I searched many self-help books, youtube videos, and podcast to find solid anti-procrastination tricks to help keep myself in check. After a while, I put my own twist on these techniques, which is what I am sharing with you today

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10 Ways To Stop Procrastinating Right Now! 

  1. Set clear measurable goals – setting SMART Goals is extremely important. Preferably you should have 5-year goals, one-year goals, quarterly goals and monthly goals that follow some sort of measurable system.
  2. Have reasons for your goals that are both outward and inward-directed – meaning the reasons for your goals should have outward indicators such as deadlines, or assignment due dates, as well as inward-focused reasons, such as that they are aligned with your overall life goals and values, or a promise that you made to yourself
  3. Set a reward and consequence for action/non-action – you can either use an app like stickK or set your own reward system, for each goal that is appropriate – such as having to donate money to an anti-charity, or having to explain to an accountability partner, or your family, why you failed
  4. Be prepared – whether it is a study project, business task, or personal endeavor, make sure that you have all of the tools available for you to complete your set task of the next hour or whatever chosen time. Set out your pens, arrange all of your needed tools ahead of time, make sure you have something to drink within reach, if necessary, all before you begin your tasks setting.
  5. Break down projects into manageable chunks – Overwhelm can keep us from taking action, but if you break down each of your projects into smaller action steps, you may realize that you can do that one smaller action, and then another smaller action, all geared toward the bigger picture, without feeling the overwhelm that usually stops many of us in their tracks.
  6. Let go of perfectionism –Rather than obsessing about working through the task perfectly without any mistakes or setbacks, focus on getting started. Doing the work even at an 80 percent level of perfection is better than worrying about doing it in perfection and getting nothing done at all
  7. Reduce visual distractions in your workplace – clutter can drain our energy, even if it does not seem like it is currently affecting your task, it does so indirectly by creating a tiring workspace. Getting rid of clutter, may it be in your home, or in your business space keeps you also from losing items, which can then, in turn, bring back the treated overwhelm, that is the cause of so much procrastination
  8. Check your energy level – if you are procrastinating due to lack of energy, you may want to consider finding a potential physical reason for your lack of energy. Make sure that you get a proper amount of sleep, that you are eating a primarily healthy diet, and that you are not suffering from any of the many invisible illnesses that can drain you. Thyroid problems lead to chronic fatigue, as can many other illnesses, as well as create brain fog that can make it hard to focus.
  9. Forgive yourself for the past – instead of focusing on what you could have done in the past, and how you could have worked better, you should now turn your focus to the only moment of true power you have, which is the current situations and decisions you are making. Make decisions that are productive starting from this moment on, and let go of everything else. Your past failures and inactions will only add to the procrastination, by wearing down your energy level.
  10. Read a lot. Find books that will help you work through your particular reasons for procrastination – If you need assistance with setting goals, focus on books on that particular subject, if you are in need to decluttering, start with a list of books and programs designed to teach you about that. If you are interested in books that can help you keep your focus, check out my book blog, where I recently published an anti-procrastination reading list.

Making small changes toward overcoming procrastination, lack of focus and overwhelm can increase your productivity, and have an overall positive impact on your life.


Take advantage of my tips, or change them in a way to fit your needs, goals, and lifestyle






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1 thought on “10 Ways To Stop Procrastinating Right Now!

  1. Thank you for sharing your tips, especially about the perfectionism aspect.

    I have the tendency to want my things to be perfect, so what happens is that I always start out a project very eagerly, but ended up trailing off halfway just because I feel that the product is not turning out perfectly (and hence I lose motivation in doing it). Then I procrastinate until I absolutely have to do it – which means that for self-determined projects like cross-stitch and writing, they almost never get finished.

    I’ve seen many self-help books telling me to let go of perfectionism, but I don’t get how I can FORCE myself to let go of it. Do you have any ideas how I can ‘condition’ myself not to be bothered by it enough so that I can complete my works?

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