10 Quick Facts About Oolong Tea

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10 Quick Facts About Oolong Tea

Today,  I want to share 10 quick facts about Oolong Tea that you might not have known. Oolong Teas contain more Caffeine than green tea, but less caffeine than other black teas. It is a very smooth, relaxing cup of tea. To brew this tea, steep it for 1 through 4 minutes, depending your preferred intensity, and taste. I personally prefer to steep Oolong tea for two minutes.

  1. Stabilizes blood sugar
  2. Alleviates skin problems
  3. promotes healthy hair
  4. Prevent osteoporosis
  5. prevents tooth decay
  6. strengthens the immune system
  7. aids digestion
  8. increases mental alertness and focus
  9. boosts metabolism
  10. lowers cholesterol.

These reasons alone should be initiative enough to make you add some more of Oolong tea into your daily regiment! Ready to get an Oolong Tea? Our Avalon Wellness Store has a few delicious selections for you!


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