Friday Attitude of Gratitude – Week # 3

Friday Attitude of Gratitude

Welcome  back to the weekly Attitude of Gratitude post! I hope you had a week full of moments you were grateful for. I know I have, and some of these I will share with you right now.

I am grateful for my dogs. Recently I looked through my older photos from Florida, and I found this little gem:


I have a hard time believing they were ever small enough to fit on one chair together. Now they barely fit on one chair by themselves. But they both are still that adorable! I am very grateful to have these pups in my life!

I am also grateful for the fact that it is Friday – Friday is our shopping day, and I have been cooped up in the house with breathing problems all week. So I am looking forward to getting out of the house for a little while.

Speaking of breathing problems, I slept last night through, for the first time this week! I am so very grateful for that. I hope this is a sign for things to come. I have been doing some Reiki on myself, which has taken effect apparently. As a Reiki Master, I should know better than to work myself to the ground, which in turn affected my ability to deal with allergies. I am grateful I learned my lesson.

Speaking of Reiki, next month I will begin to offer Reiki distance healing from this blog. I am grateful that I have had a chance to work with multiple clients over the last few years, but I always been hesitant to over these services via my blog. Well, upon the nudging of the Universe, I am doing that beginning July 1st!

Now to this weeks recap! As I mentioned above I worked really hard, maybe a little too hard, to bring you some interesting articles via this blog and Miss Fiercely Independent.

This week the articles I posted here on Avalon Media were:

Best Daily Guided Meditation – A Review. I found this great meditation program, I just had to share!

On Father’s Day, I wrote: Dear Dads – We Honor The Impact You Have – a little different approach to Father’s Day!

I offered A Positive Thought For The Day: You Are A Winner

And yesterday I wrote about Mind And Body: 2 Quick Mindfulness Exercises  . A mindfulness practice is much easier than you might think!

On Miss Fiercely Independent, I worked through my series on Drop Shipping as a form of passive income via these articles:

Make Money Online: Drop Shipping – Does It Work? 

Drop Shipping Wholesale Suppliers: How To Find Them

I also shared Make Money Online: Freelance – Work From Home and today, I wrote about Domestic Financial Abuse: Internet Safety

I have also created some passive income training blogs over at Wealthy Affiliate!

How to Make Money With Drop Shipping – Avoiding Scams

Make Money Online: Selling On eBay – Start At Home

Improve Your Personal Social Media Strategy: Twitter Click-Through Rate

Passive Income Streams: 7 Quick Tips For eBay Selling Success

Questions: What have you worked on this week that you want to share? Leave a link in the comment section below!



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Mind And Body: 2 Quick Mindfulness Exercises

Mind And Body - Mindfulness
Your day is busy enough as it is, adding more activities to it, even if they are meant to assist you in living a healthy life, can add stress instead of reducing it. But what if I could tell you that the techniques in this article “Mind And Body: 2 Quick Mindfulness Exercises” that mindfulness would only take a fraction of your time, and could be seemingly placed into your day?
Quick Mindfulness Exercise # 1:
Mind And Body – Breathing Mindfully:
  1. Choose a location where you can work on autopilot, like washing the dishes, mopping the floor, walking to your dogs, or taking a shower.
  2. Focus on your breathing. Do not try to change your breathing pattern, just become aware of your breathing. Now shift your focus to one aspect of your surroundings.
  3. Stay in this conscious awareness for five minutes.
Quick Mindfulness Exercise # 2:
Mind And Body – Eating Mindfully:
  1. Choose a time where you can eat your meal alone. This will work in a family setting as well, once you have practiced your mindful eating more frequently, but to start out, begin this technique when you are eating alone.
  2. Focus on each individual movement and action. From how the fork feels in your hand, the movement of it toward your mouth, the sensation of the food, it’s taste, texture, temperature and more.
  3. Stay in this awareness during your entire meal, until you become aware of the subtle nudge your body gives you when you begin to feel satisfied. Stop then immediately.
As you can see, mindfulness techniques can be practiced at any given time. While they take some repetition to be able to stay focused for a longer period of time, they are a great stress reduction and anxiety relief technique, that does not need any special equipment or take any extra time out of your day.
Pin It Now!

Pin It Now!

It allows you to train your mind to be aware of your now. You’re Now is your most important ally and your most powerful point of control. Allowing yourself to move away from the usual mind clutter, that often is accompanied by very negative self-talk, is a healthy way to allow the connection of mind and body to heal, to de-stress, to detoxify.

Stay tuned for more positive mindfulness and positive thinking techniques over the next few days.

A Positive Thought For The Day – You Are A Winner

A Positive Thought For The Day

A positive thought for today: You Are Winning As Long As You Learn Something Every Day

Every day holds  a lesson, every day is an opportunity to embrace that lesson, and grow from it. Even on a day, where you feel like nothing is going right, there are lessons hidden within that experience. It might be a tug by the Universe to tell you to move a different way, to take a different action. Or it might be a reminder that you are moving off your chosen path.

Whatever the lesson is, it is your job is to find it, to embrace it, and to grow from it. If you do that, then you are a winner indeed.

Pin It Now!

Positive Thought For The Day


This is the beginning of a new series on positive thinking and positive living. Why not share it with someone who might need a little motivation!  Stay tuned!



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Dear Dads – We Honor The Impact You Have


Dear Dads - We Honor The Impact You Have

On this fathers day, I want to dedicate this space to Fathers. I want to serve you as a reminder of the impact you
all have on your children’s live, your family’s live. Just maybe not like you would expect.

Dear Dad’s, mind your jokes. What might seem funny to you, might hurt, deeply hurt your teenage daughter, and teaches your son how to treat women.

Dear Dad’s, mind your responses. What might seem like an innocent comment about your wife’s habits, might cut her deeper than a knife would, and forever forge they your daughter looks at men.

Dear Dad’s, mind your anger. What you consider a just reaction to what you see is wrong, might be emotional abuse in reality.

Dear Dad’s, mind your power. What you consider managing your household, might be financial abuse, and disable your family to stand on their own, when you are no longer there.

Dear Dad’s – On this Father’s Day, we honor the impact you have, and the legacy you leave behind. Which impact you will have on your family, and what legacy you will leave for your children’s future, is completely up to you.

Choose wisely


Best Daily Guided Meditation – A Review

Best Daily Guided Meditation - A Review

Due to the many health benefits of daily meditation, I try to include a daily guided meditation in my morning routine. But because I did not want to spend a lost of time looking for a new meditation on a regular basis, and knowing that I would get bored with using the same one every day, I began searching for an online resource that would assist me in that endeavour.  And now I want to share with you the best daily guided meditation site I have found so far. sends out a daily new meditation, which I then can play on my smartphone or on my PC, and integrate seemingly into my morning routine. I love the warmth and beauty with which each meditation has been created, and how relaxing each one of them is – which has actually prompted me to occasionally rewatch the days meditation at the end of my day, right before going to sleep.

What are the benefits of meditating daily? 

  1. your focus improves tremendously
  2. less stress induced headaches
  3. longer ability to concentrate
  4. improvement of the immune system
  5. better memory
  6. overall better mood

And these are just a few of the many benefits of a daily meditation.

So, I highly recommend this inexpensive monthly program – I am only paying 5 Dollars a month, and I can cancel it anytime – which is well worth the time it would take me to find high quality and often expensive meditations. Instead, I choose to use It is without a doubt – in my humble opinion – the best daily guided meditation program out there!



Friday Attitude Of Gratitude – Week # 2

Friday Attitude Of Gratitude - Week # 2

Hi, everyone! Happy Friday!

I am always amazed how much better I feel if I begin my day, focusing on gratitude and positive thinking. It is my morning pick-me-up, which even if I am rushed, I try not to skip. If I have to shorten my morning routine, I might skip a workout, or drink a smoothie for breakfast instead of sitting down, but I try my hardest not to skip working on my gratitude journal.

Friday’s, as you most likely already know, are dedicated to that practice here on Avalon Media. I publically list, what I have been grateful for this week, and hope you find it encouraging to join me as well, and implement an attitude of gratitude into your daily routine.

This week I am grateful for:

Nutter butter cookies – I am seriously addicted to these things! Maybe I should not be that grateful for them, but hey, they are my little treat with my afternoon coffee.

I am grateful for cool breezes. It has been breezy and cooler here in Las Vegas, which I am cherishing because I know it is not going to last long. It made our daily dog walks so much nicer. Maybe, just maybe, we get a few more of these days? I can hope and dream!

My bullet journal – I am not sure what I would do without that thing! I am a list person (duh), so creating a checklist system that fits me, rather than using pre-done planners works so much better for me. While I have just begun to switch over to bullet journaling versus pre-done planner systems, i have been noticing how much more organized I feel.

Question: What are you grateful for this week?

I want to end this week with a new addition to the Friday Attitude of Gratitude and recap the week, just in case you missed any of my posts on my multiple blogs:

Here on Avalon Media

Dare To Dream Big

Wordless Wednesday: Mindfulness 

Positive Thinking Strategies: “It Works” A Book Review

Why We Need To Focus On Kindness Now More Than Ever


Over at Miss Fiercely Independent, I posted 

Turning Setbacks Into Progress – Moving Toward Creating A Brighter Financial Future

What Is Domestic Financial Abuse? 5 Signs

How To Publish An EBook in 24 Hours – A Review 

Free Beginner Webdevelopment Classes 


Over at my blog on Wealthy Affiliate I shared:

Guest Blogging Policies – How Clear Are Your Guidelines?

Social Media Strategies – Quick Twitter Tips To Get Attention

Email Marketing Strategiest – 2 Things To Consider

Use Medium To Your Advantage – 4 Quick Tips

5 Quick Reasons Why I Like Clickbank’s Affiliate Program


Wow, this has been another busy week! I hope you find these articles useful!

Thank you for joining me here!

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Tuesday With A Twist

Dare To Dream Big


Do You Dare To Dream Big-


Do you dare to dream big? Are your goals set so high, that they scare you at times? Or are you someone who lives with the thought that one should not dare to reach that far, that those big dreams are not for you.

Life is too short to wait for chances to find you,  – forge your own way. I have no time for small dreams, that do not inspire, rather I dream big, and if I fall short of some of them, I still have  come a heck of a lot further than someone who dreamed small.

Do you dream big? Do you take actions toward goals that inspire you, motivate you, make you think of possibilities? And (more importantly), do you have a reason to follow through on them, something that propels you to take actions every single day?


Mine are simple:

I want to live my dreams to inspire my children to live theirs. If I can achieve what I want, they at least will see that there is a possibility for them to achieve their own, and forge their own way. Remember, we need more people on fire in this world, not more people who wait for things to happen to them.

Today, I challenge you to dream big, to create a list of at least 5 dreams that are so substantial that they scare you. Put them in your journal, or share them right here in the comment section.

Dare to dream big!



P.S. If you are looking for some tips on how to take action about dreams, check out my other blog “Miss Fiercely Independent“, which focuses on tips and trick on how to  making money online! See you there!  

Wordless Wednesday: Mindfulness

Wordless Wednesday: Mindfulness


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Positive Thinking Strategies: “It Works” – A Book Review

Positive Thinking Strategies-


It Works - A Critical Book ReviewTitle: It Works! The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True!
Author: RHJ
Publisher: Penguin Group
Genre: New Age/Self-Help
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Are you interested in manifesting abundance in your life? Then you most likely have been directed toward this little
book and might wonder what the hype is all about. Well, It Works is a short, simple, yet effective manual on a manifestation technique written by a mysterious author named RHJ.
It promises that with the simple steps outlined in this book the reader can manifest anything. It does, however, warn about the implications of wanting something that does harm, and therefore urges you to want was is best for the greater good.

In my opinion, this book simplifies a manifestation technique, that if used regularly can result in the desired outcome, yet, one should have some knowledge of the principles of positive thinking before expecting this to work for them.

I am a firm believer in inspired action – taking action steps that your inner guidance system has given you, like following through on hunches, for example – but like so many other manifestation books, it leaves that part out. Action is required to manifest, and even if you take only inspired actions, they are non-less actions and turn the manifestation process into an active experience, rather than wishful thinking. That, I think, is the downfall of most books in this genre, and that is no difference in this book.

It works – works, if you follow through on the guidance you receive after using this technique. It works if you are
willing to take action after everything has been placed in your favor. It will not work, if you think writing your
wishes upon a piece of paper and reading it often, will be the only thing you are required to do.

“It Works” is available as a paperback and as a kindle book on Amazon now!



Check out these other books on Law of Attraction books available on Amazon now:


Why We Need to Focus on Kindness Now More Than Ever

Kindness, Love, Positive thinking

If you have been online, turned on the television or read a newspaper this morning, you are surely aware of the
mass shooting in Orlando, Florida last night.
I will not go into the details, only that I am deeply feeling for the families involved, and am sending light and
hope into their direction.

Kindness, positive living, and being mindful of each other has never been needed as much as right now. These continuous senseless acts showcase the disturbing trends of hatred, bigotry, racism and discord, and in order to overcome it,  we do not need to fight fire with fire, but embrace those close to us, and teach positivity.

It is our choice to continue to act like this, or make a change. It is our choice to teach our fellow human beings how
to respectfully treat one another. It is our choice to embrace those who are different as if there was no difference.

It is also our choice to demand mental health awareness and treatment before we lose another loved one.

We have failed, miserably, that is evident that we no longer treat each other with love and kindness, and instead with
senseless violence.

The good thing is, that we have the power to fix it. And it starts right in your own home.

Take on the responsibility to spread kindness, love, mindfulness and positive living now.

Be blessed