Recipes For Slow Cookers: Fresh From The Vegan Slow Cooker – A Book Review


Recipes For Slow Cookers- Fresh From The Vegan Slow Cooker - A Book Review



Slow Cooker Recipes - A Book ReviewTitle: Fresh from the Vegan Slow Cooker
Author: Robin Robertson
Publisher: Harvard Common Press
Genre: Vegan Cookbook
Rating: 4/5 Stars

I am always on the look out for recipes for slow cookers.. As a very busy business woman, I simply do not have the time to stand at the stove, stirring meals, and paying close attention – at least not every day. At the same time, kids and dogs still expect their meals to be done, and until I can afford hiring a cook, that job is left mostly up to me (unless my husband is off the road, then he will create something for all of us). Anything that makes my life easier is a welcome tool, and for me a go-to-tool is the slow cooker.

Robin Robertson managed to create a wide variety of vegan recipes that are perfect for those – throw in the pot, and forget about it – days. I have several of her books already, so I was already aware, that I need to add a little bit more
salt and spices to her recipes, or use them as a base to work from, but they gave me a load of ideas, from which my daughter and I could plan our meals from. I love that Robin uses down to earth instruction and cooking – unlike some other cookbook authors, where I always have to search for the ingredients, as they ask for something we usually do not have in the cupboard. Unlike them, Robin’s recipes are based on real life, which makes it easy for them to be followed.

In this book Robin delivers even more, giving people insights in how slow cookers work the best, and the nuances that each device has (some might call it quirks).

My favorite recipe is the green bean casserole – which took me by surprise, as I would have never thought to make a
casserole in a slow cooker! It came out wonderful, and is now a family favorite.

As I mentioned above, Robin’s books are a large part of our cookbook library, so if you have not checked out any of them, this book is a great place to start!

Fresh From The Vegan Slow Cooker is available on Amazon now

Happy Cooking


Make Your Own Dog Food – 3 Simple Recipes

Make your own dog food - 3 simple recipes
I have been making dog food for my pet-babies for almost a year now, ever since one of my dogs had a serious allergic reaction to some her food, and began to develop other allergies as well. A holistic vet suggested this practice, and we have not looked back since – with two healthy dogs, who are very happy and comfortable on their diet. You might think that making dog food takes a long time, but it does not take any longer than making people food, and not more  effort either. I do highly suggest though to invest into a crockpot, that you are dedicating for dog food if you want to save time.

For the next three recipes, you will not need any special tools or ingredients.

Doggie Dinner:
1 lb of beef cut in cubes – I use London Broil most of the time for the dogs
1/2 cup of organic oatmeal
1 teaspoon of high-quality olive oil
2 medium carrots

Place the beef in a pot, cover with water, and cook until fork tender. Add the oatmeal during the last five minutes of
cooking time. Add the olive oil at the end and stir well.
The time to add the carrots depends on your dog. One of my dogs prefers her carrots raw, my little dog rather eats them cooked, so for her, I cook them at the same time as the meat.
Serve when cooled completely.

Liverwurst snacks
My dogs love liverwurst. If you have access to high quality organic and vegan bread, or if you bake your own bread,
you can take a spoonful of liverwurst (braunschweiger) and put it onto the bread to give as a treat. Make sure you use
high quality, low sodium liverwurst for that – not the packaged stuff, which is loaded with unnecessary preservatives you should probably not be eating either.

Home Made Dog Food

Upset Tummy Food.
If your dog has an upset stomach, you can feed them the following mixture
1 cup of rice
1 cup of cottage cheese
1 teaspoon of ground flaxseeds
1 carrot
2 cups of water

Cook the rice and the carrots in water, until tender, add the cottage cheese and flax seeds, stir well, and allow to
cool completely before feeding.


A word of caution:
There are a few ingredients that should never be added to dog food or given as a snack:


Happy cooking!


Natural Skin Care – Using Tea Tree Oil For Skin Tags Removal

Natural Skin Care - Using Tea Tree Oil For Skin Tags Removal


As you already know, I am always on the lookout for natural, healthy healing and wellness alternatives, due to the various allergies and reactions many of my family members are living with, including myself. But, further than that, natural  remedies are better for the environment, especially if we choose to use the organic versions whenever possible. Today I want to talk about Tea Tree Oil, and especially using tea tree oil for skin tag removal, because I was just recently asked about this very question, by a friend.

What is Tea Tree Oil?
Tea tree oil, or melaleuca oil, is a nearly colorless and odorless oil, that is derived from a tree called
Melaleuca alternifolia, which grows in Australia, particularly the Southeast Queensland and New South Wales regions of the continent. It contains powerful properties that make it an essential part of a well-stocked natural home
remedy cabinet.
How to use Tea Tree Oil For Skin Tag Removal

There are two methods you can use to remove skin tags with tea tree oil.

For Method One, you will need
tea tree oil
cotton balls


Soak one cotton ball with the tea tree oil, and gently rub for a few seconds. Now fasten the soaked cotton ball over the skin tag(s), and leave it in place for 2 to 3 hours. You will have to repeat this process usually for about 2 or 3 days, until it completely dries up, and falls off.

For Method Two you will need
5 drops of fresh lemon juice
4 drops of organic apple cider vinegar
4 drops of tea tree oil

Mix ingredients well, and soak one cotton ball into the liquid. Apply cotton ball to skin and leave on for about 4 to 6 hours, upon which time you will repeat the procedure three times a day, for about 1 to 2 weeks.

Other Uses For Tea Tree Oil

– soothes earaches
– relief from insect bites
– relieves fungal infection
– used as a treatment for halitosis (bad breath)
– helps soothe Psoriasis
– added to acne face washes
– used in the removal of head lice

How To choose a high-quality tea tree oil
When purchasing tea tree oil, you should consider the following points:
1. Does it come in a darkened, brown bottle? This prevents the quick spoilage of the oil.
2. Is it 100 % percent tea tree oil? Unless you are looking for oil blends there should be no additives or
any other products in your tea tree oil.


Simply Face Oil - Non-Greasy, Natural Face Moisturizer

Sunny Italian Stew Recipe – Vegan

Sunny Italian Stew Recipe - Vegan


After spending many summers as a child on Lake Garda, I am in love with anything related to Italy. Italian cuisine
is no different, so I decided to create a stew inspired by these childhood memories. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda, Italy

You will need

1 large zucchini, diced in small chunks
3 potatoes, peeled and diced
2 stalks of celery, diced
1 red onion diced
1 large can of diced tomatoes
1/2 cup sliced black olives
Oregano, salt, pepper, and paprika
1 cup of water
Place all of the ingredients into a crockpot, turn on low and cook for 8 hours, or turn on high and cook for 3 hours, until potatoes are tender.

You can also cook this on the stove over low to medium heat for about 35 minutes, stirring the stew often, and adding water if needed


If you liked this recipe, please share it with your friends – and also check out my other vegan recipes:

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Vegan Spaghetti Carbonara 


P.S. My favorite crockpot to use is the original Crockpot in Black Damask Pattern. Not only does it work well, and is inexpensive, it is also pretty to look at. Get it on Amazon now!

Happy Cooking!


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Green Dandelion Smoothie – Recipe

Green Dandelion Smoothie - Recipe
Green smoothies are an essential part of a healthy diet. But dandelions are usually not a big part of the creation of
smoothies, yet they are so full of essential nutrients that they truly should not be overlooked. You might have had these wonderful leaves in salad, or had the root as a tea, but now it is time to place them into your blender.

For the dandelion smoothie,  you will need

52100106-m3 handfuls of dandelion leaves
1/2 cucumber (without the skin)
1 banana
1 pear
1 kiwi
optional 1/4 cup of chia seeds)

Dice the cucumber, banana, pear and kiwi into bite size pieces, cut the dandelion leaves into smaller pieces.
Add all of the ingredients into a high-speed blender. Blend until smooth, adding as much water as you like
to create the consistency you prefer.
You can also use coconut water, instead of regular water for this smoothie.


The high-speed blender I used for this recipe was a Vitamix 750 Professional Series, I bought via Amazon Prime. For smoothies, there is nothing better than a Vitamix! Buy it here, now! 

Check out my creamy raw tomato soup recipe I have shared recently – so easy, and so yummy – and it is vegan!

Win A Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Home Party

Healthy Baby Home Party Sweepstakes

Seventh Generation, the green, cruelty-free manufacturer of natural cleaning products is giving away
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What is a Healthy Baby Home Party?

Seventh Generation’s home parties are powered by people like you who are focused on creating a healthy environment for  the next generation. Developed with input from our non-profit partner, Healthy Child Healthy World, they are a great way to get together with friends, share helpful information, and make an impact!

Healthy Baby Home Party kits are provided to all selected hosts and are filled with  educational info about our environment, helpful tips, a fun game, and samples and coupons from Seventh Generation and other favorite family-friendly brands like bobble, American Meadows, and Zarbee’s Naturals.

How Do To Apply

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Accept the Healthy Baby Home Party Application offer on your Generation Good dashboard and complete the application.
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Full terms and conditions are available within Generation Good in the “Healthy Baby Home Party Application” offer.

What are you waiting for?

Looking for more vegan, cruelty-free products? Check out my review of the Azure Naturals Skincare products here! 

Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking – A Vegan Cookbook Review

Title: Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking
Author: Dana Shultz
Publisher: Avery
Publication Date: April 26th, 2016
Genre: Cookbook, Vegan, Gluten-Free
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Always on the lookout for some more awesome recipes made me very familiar with the Minimalist Baker’s vegan blog. We have tried many of her recipes and were delighted to see that she came out with a cookbook this

Continuing the same clean, beautiful style, that attracted me to her blog in the first place, Dana Shultz created a visually pleasing, easy to follow along vegan cookbook, that is also mostly gluten-free. While I am not on a gluten-free diet, I can imagine how hard it is to combine a vegan diet with it, but Dana makes it easy and delicious. the recipes are not overly complicated, not needing anything too fancy in ingredient or equipment. Of course, there are some basics every vegan or clean-eating kitchen should have – such as a high-speed blender, to create your awesome smoothies – but those  have become standard in any home-cooks kitchen who is interested in eating healthy.



Starting with the basics – like creating flax-eggs (a vegan egg replacer), and coconut cream (which is delicious!), this book  covers breakfast through snacks, so do not let the name fool you, expecting only baked goods!

No matter if you are a full-time vegan, or trying to eat more healthy, the Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking is a great book to add to your cookbook shelf.

Available on Amazon now.

New Look, New Host, New Everything, And Coffee

New Beginnings

The following is a Weekend Coffee Share Blog Post – you can share some coffee with us here!

Finally, I found a host for my website that I can live with. After my Wix fiasco earlier this year, I am happy to have found a WordPress hosting site for me.
While I am still working on the theme, adding and revising some details over the next few days, and maybe even changing the theme, I am relieved that the part I had previously no idea about, is done.

Switching from one host to another is always a gamble.

But not only did I change this site over to SiteRubix, I also took the step to separate this site into two.
Avalon Media, is and will continue to be about positive living, wellness and lifestyle (and of course, tea), while my new site “Miss Fiercely Independent” will be more about the money making aspects of life – such as making money selling your art, monetizing your blog, social media marketing, and the many other aspects of creating a passive income. Geared mainly toward women, I want to foster a culture of financial independence, so you do not have to experience the same as I have in the past.


Dreams Are The Results Of A Million Choices


I am going to also be hanging out more on Wealthy Affiliate, working on becoming an Ambassador to others who want to create passive income streams.
What will I do as a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador? I offer assistance and feedback for those new to building a website, including constructive website feedback, and will be sharing some tutorials and classes soon. You can visit my profile here

Mondays here on Avalon-Media are going to be dedicated to cruelty-free living. I will either post vegan recipes, cookbook reviews (vegan and/or vegetarian), and reviews on products, foods, and services that are cruelty-free. If you have a suggestion of something that is vegan and cruelty-free I should check out, drop me a comment below.

I am excited for the next few months, looking forward to sharing more of what I am passionate about, and serving you. Plans and timelines might change again – as live happens, and opportunities arise, but I am okay with that, because with every non-fulfilled plan, and failed effort come new lessons and new opportunities that are often bigger and better than the ones before.

Question: Which plan have you made that you are happy that it did not work out at the end? What did you learn from that change of plan?