Stop Snoring Now! Snoring Is More Than Annoying!

Stop Snoring Now! Snoring Is More Than Annoying!

The following article “Snoring Is More Than Annoying” is a guest post by Christian Goodman and is a part of my healthy sleep series. This post may contain affiliate links.

Snoring Is More Than Annoying!
by Christian Goodman

Whether you want to know about why people snore or find ways to cure it, you’ll find information without having to search very hard. Given the number of people who snore, it’s no wonder that it is a very popular topic.

But unless you’ve ever been caught sitting in a crowded airport terminal on a Friday afternoon, waiting to catch a delayed flight home with your head thrown back, your mouth gaping wide while children sit around your feet laughing uncontrolled, well, you just haven’t fully understood the embarrassment that snoring can bring to your life.

Attempting a restful plane ride seems reasonable enough until you realize that everyone around you was either annoyed or having a laugh during your slumber.

Stop Snoring Now! Snoring Is More Than Annoying!Those who live with us may be accustomed to our snoring. However, they do not – cannot – understand the mortifying feelings the snorer himself.

Does anything really compete with having to be jostled or tapped by someone when we’re making a spectacle of ourselves in a crowded situation?

Knowing that you’ve been disruptive is minuscule when compared to the humiliation of actually being caught. And the piano recitals, the high school graduations, weddings there is simply no end to the indignity that a snorer must suffer.

What are our options to avoid this? Tons of caffeine to become a jittery mess instead of a noise maker? Just staying home?

Maybe you can find the most uncomfortable position possible to ensure that you stand absolutely no chance of dozing when you’re in any public situation. Or perhaps you can just commit yourself to forever avoiding churches, chairs, or warm auditoriums.

The Stop Snoring Exercise Program makes it possible to live ‘snore-free.’

No matter what the culprit of your snoring is, The Stop Snoring Exercise Program can tackle the problem.

Snoring can be a sound of the past with special exercises that address the problem.

At the same time, you’ll be improving your breathing and increasing respiratory flow. Preparing for ‘snoreless sleep’ can take a bit of effort but it can certainly be done with practice.

Sleeping better at night can also prevent the urge to dose during the day. Imagine knowing that you may no longer dose off in public places. Or if you do, it’s much less likely you’ll be caught!

Christian Goodman is recognized throughout the world for his unique solutions to many complicated and even incurable conditions. stop snoring Learn more about Christian and his solutions on his alternative health blog.natural health

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How To Get A Good Night Sleep Naturally

How To Get A Good Night Sleep Naturally

Tired of waking up tired? I know, I have been in the past, and it left me feeling groggy, moody, and just plain miserable. However, once I figured out how to get a good night sleep, naturally (without the aid of over-the-counter or prescription drugs), I was not only in a better mood, but able to focus more, retain more of what I have learned, and could once again, outwork most people around me. Basically, I was back to my old, silly, happy, weird and wired self! What a relief!

Because I know how many people are suffering from sleep problems, like I had, I wanted to share with you what I have learned today, so you too can get to sleep naturally, without all of the nasty side effects of pharmaceuticals. Have you ever read the fine print on those things? It is scary!

First, get to the bottom of the problem!

1. Examine your sleeping arrangement. Are you sleeping in a room, that is dark enough? Are there any noises that disturb you? Do you have the television in your bedroom? If you said yes to any of these questions, fix this first. Darken your room properly, to get into a proper sleep cycle. Eliminate noises, or if not possible, think about using ear plugs every night. And remove the television out of the bedroom.

2. Get  and keep a sleep diary. Keep a journal next to your bed, so you can note the following information: your time when you go to bed, and your time when you leave the bed, as well as notes on if you had any disturbing dreams. Include the date which each entrance, so you can recognize patterns, and eliminate  them. For example, if you sleep worse, after watching an action filled show, you will notice the pattern via your sleep journal, and you can change your behavior accordingly.

3. Wear a sleep tracker. My favorite sleep tracker is the Fitbit Blaze, because of its multi-functionality. Sleep trackers monitor how restless, or restful your sleep really is. I was shocked to find out, how much I moved during my sleep, and how restless I actually was every single night! No wonder I was tired!

Having Sleep Problems? Try ThisTake Action:

Now that you have some ideas on what actions to take, due to your sleep and habit tracking, you can begin to eliminate some of these disturbances already. On top of that, you can begin to change other habits that will assist you in getting  a better night sleep.

1. Turn off all electronics 30 minutes before going to bed
2. Practice a gentle stretching/yoga routine right before bed time.
3. Create a soothing bedtime routine, such as journaling, meditation, reading something uplifting, and repeating affirmations
4. Go to bed always at the same time, even on weekends, and get out of bed at the same time.
5. Drink herbal sleep-time tea (the recipe is at the end of this article), sweetened with coconut sugar (vegan), or raw honey
6. Sleep with an herbal pillow – lavender sleep pillows are the best for sleeplessness
7. Take a warm bath before going to sleep, adding one of the following essential oils to your bath: lemon balm, lavender, or ylang-ylang, do not use more than 15 drops of the pure essential oil per bath for best result

How To Get A Good Night Sleep Naturally (1)

Herbal Sleep Time Tea:

Mix the following herbs in equal parts:

1 part lemon balm
1 part hops
1 part St. John’s Worth

Mix well, place in airtight mason jar. Use 1 tablespoon of the Herbal Sleep Time Tea mixture, per cup of hot water. Allow to steep for 8 minutes. Strain, and sweeten with coconut sugar or raw, local honey as desired.




I hope you found this article informative.



Weekend Musing: Avoid Burnout

Weekend Musing: Avoid Burnout

Finally, it is the  weekend, so for many of us who work in a “regular” job, this is the time to relax, or do what you are actually want to do all week long.  But for those of us with children, or who have your own business – whether from home or not – the weekend is the time where we get all of our work done. And no time for ourselves.

In order to avoid burnout, however, we need to make sure that self-care is a priority. No matter how much you want to achieve your goals, and no matter how great your motivation, even the most energetic and healthy person has his or  her limits.

Weekend Musing: Avoid BurnoutDeveloping a self-care routine, as well as some time, that is dedicated just for relaxation is essential for your future
success. Going after your goals is a marathon, and not a sprint, therefore cultivating your endurance is a must.

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Here are some quick tips on how to avoid burnout:

1. Schedule your self-care times with the same determination you schedule any other appointments and stick to them. Don’t just put exercise or a weekly massage on your to-do-list, only to ignore it afterwards. Make these times sacred.
2. Enlist help. Do not wait until you on the brink of exhaustion to ask for help. Delegate, and make your needs clear to those around you beforehand so that they take your time as seriously, as you should.
Weekend Musing: Avoid Burnout3. Do something you like, not just what you should. So you love watching movies, but you also should be adding more exercise into your life. Self-care is not just about your exercise and health regime, but also about taking care of your mental state. So indulge – every once in a while – in an activity, that is for pure entertainment, such as watching a movie or reading a romance novel. Not everything has to be done with a single-minded goal as its purpose.
4. Do not allow others to talk you out of your self-care routine. No matter how much guilt or pressure you get from family or loved ones, your needs need to be met as well. Family members might not understand your need for a break, but that does not matter. Stick to your decisions, and do not allow anyone to walk all over your time, and schedule, including your time for yourself.
I hope these tips have helped you a little bit. I know I had to learn some of them the hard way, but once I started implementing them, my life became a lot more harmonious. My mood improved, and therefore everyone around me began to realize the  importance for their own sake, that I would take care of myself.

Being a little selfish is sometimes the best gift you can give your family and loved ones.



White Decadence Trail Mix Recipe

Trail Mix Recipe

I love trail mixes! As a (most of the time)  healthier alternative to the usual snacks, and filled with such endless possibilities (especially if you make the mix yourself), trail mixes in various forms are a staple in our family. Because of allergies and diets, we each have our own favorite mixes, but today, I am sharing with you today,  my personal favorite creation: White Decadence Trail Mix! 


You will need:

Trail Mix Recipe1 part each: 

organic raw cacao nibs
white chocolate chips
unsweetened shredded coconut
dried raspberries

2 parts each:
organic raw cashews (unsalted)
raw hazelnuts ( unsalted of course)
raw sunflower seeds (unsalted)

Mix them well, and store them in an airtight container!

You can make as little or as much as you like, the above ratio is what works best for me, but you can adjust it, depending on which ingredients you like the most. I have been known to cheat a little on the amount of white chocolate chips,adding a little bit extra,  as they are my favorite!

If you are looking for high-quality nuts – or already beautifully balanced trail mixes, created just for you – check out!

P.S. Did you know that that cacao nibs are an excellent source of iron and fiber? Awesome, right? 



Featured Artist: Thomas “Swiss” Wuthrich

Thomas Swiss Wuthrich, Featured Artist

From time to time, I will be featuring independent artists, crafters, and creators who are showcasing their creative talent via many venues, such as RedBubble, Zazzle, Etsy, and Handmade By Amazon. Please support these creative people with your purchase. (May contain affiliate links)

Independent artists range in the choice of their medium and subject matter greatly. I find it intriguing whenever I find an artist who can capture my attention in an unexpected way, just as Thomas Wuthrich has done with his humorous way to create relatable pieces of art. Thankfully I had a chance to ask him a few questions about his work in general and what he thinks about working on the Print On Demand Platform, Zazzle.

Here is the short interview I conducted with Thomas recently:

Me: Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today, it is a great pleasure toy connect with you.
Tell us a little about your journey to the art you create (amongst other places) on Zazzle today?

Thomas: Many, many years ago, I stumbled across a book at the library about making money writing gags for greeting companies (just the gags). I got pretty good at coming up with, literally hundreds of ways to say “Happy Birthday”, “Get Well Soon”, etc. It was great training. A few years later, I began freelancing gags to cartoonists, including Bill “Lockhorns” Hoest. I would include a little sketch on the 3 X5 cards I’s submit. With encouragement from several cartoonist clients, I began drawing up my own gags and submitting them to magazines. After winning a 5000 US$ grand prize in a cartoon contest by a cigarette company, I was hooked on Cartooning. Even though I have sold lots of toons over the years, I still consider myself to be basically a gagwriter who can draw a little.
Me: What made you choose the name for your pen-name “Swiss”?

Thomas: I choose the pen-name “Swiss”, because my parents had emigrated from Switzerland about 15 years before I was born.

Me: Tell us a little about your style of work.

Thomas: You’ll notice that my toons are simple and uncluttered. Even though I have sold lots of toons over the years, I still consider myself to be basically a gag writer who can draw a little

Me: Judging by the quality of work you provide, I say you are a lot more than that. Thank you for this interview.

Check out Thomas Wuthrich’s cartoons out on Zazzle at “Swiss Toons” right now!

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Stop Acid Reflux Naturally – Which Foods to Avoid

Stop Acid Reflux Naturally - Which Foods to Avoid


Do you have Acid Reflux? Did you know that you can stop acid reflux naturally, by avoiding certain foods? Staying away from certain foods, while increasing the intake of others has helped many people with this gastroesophageal reflux disease manage their symptoms. Studies have shown that lifestyle and eating changes can alleviate symptoms long-term, so if you have this disease, I highly suggest that you read on.

What Foods You Should Avoid:

1. Foods and beverages containing caffeine. Caffeine leads to increased acidity, so it would be wise to limit your intake of coffee, to one cup a day. While most people only drink coffee in the early hours, there are some – like me – who drink coffee in the evening. If you suffer from acid reflux, you should only drink coffee in the morning, or better yet, avoid it completely. Pero Coffee Substitute is a tasty and mild alternative for those who crave coffee.

2. Alcohol. Not only does alcohol irritate your stomach, it relaxes the LES muscle, which in turn leads to increase
acidity, and reflux. Avoid drinking alcohol completely.

3. Chocolate. Falling under the category of foods containing caffeine, chocolate is on the not-to-eat list for acid
reflux sufferers. If you are craving chocolate, settle for the dark, organic variety, and look for those not containing
milk fats or dairy. For a list of chocolates, you can digest easier – even if limited – look for vegan varieties. NuGo Dark Dairy Free Chocolate Bars are yummy, without all of the milk fats.

4. Milk and dairy products. Now is a good time for you to switch to non-dairy milk, as regular milk contains too much fat to be easily digested. For those times, that you want to use dairy, you can either use the non-dairy alternatives or limit your intake to small amounts of low-fat cheeses. Some people who suffer from acid reflux find calcium heavy foods harder to handle in the evening, therefore avoid those products completely during the later hours of the day.

Stop Acid Reflux Naturally - Which Foods to Avoid 5. Mints. Any type of mint, may it be peppermint, spearmint or others, should be avoided by people with acid reflux.  This is the one time, I suggest to stay away from herbal teas (which I am a fan of), that contain any type of mint. Included in this list of foods to avoid are gums, and candies that contain these types of herbs.

6. Fruits And Vegetables high in acidity. Tomatoes, oranges, as well as onions, garlic, leeks, and cauliflower, are high in acidity and have no place in the diet of an acid reflux sufferer. Eliminate these foods completely out of your diet to see the best results.

You have the power to make a lasting change, by adjusting your eating habits.

Stop Acid Reflux Naturally - Which Foods to Avoid

This article is based on the book, “Heartburn No More” by Jeff Martin.
Jeff is an author, researcher, nutritionist and health consultant who dedicated his life to
creating the ultimate acid reflux solution guaranteed to permanently reverse the root cause of heartburn and  acid reflux and naturally and dramatically improve the overall quality of your life, without the use prescription medication and without any surgical procedures. Learn more by visiting his website today!



Why Should I Get Pet Insurance?

Reasons to Get Pet Insurance

You may have insurance for your home, your possessions, your car, and your health. But have you considered how you’ll pay for veterinary care for the furry members of your household? Pet insurance provides many benefits for your pet’s health and your own finances.

Why to get pet insuranceChoice of vet

With a pet insurance policy, you don’t need to worry about your vet being out-of-network. Instead, you can take your pet to any licensed veterinary clinic, even if you’re away from home. Just send the bill to your insurer and they’ll reimburse you based on the policy you purchased.

Breed and age don’t matter

Pet insurers don’t deny coverage based on your pet’s age or breed. However, pre-existing conditions could result in your application being rejected. Insuring your pet when he or she is young and healthy can help keep premiums down and ensure your pet can get coverage.

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Budget your pet care costs in advance

Pet insurance offers a predictable way to budget for your pet’s health care. Policies can be paid monthly, every 6 months, or once a year–whatever works for you. Most insurers even offer multi-pet discounts!

Reasons To Get Pet InsuranceProtect against unexpected expenses

Insurance is one way to protect against unexpected costs. Without pet insurance, you could be faced with surprise expenses if your pet falls ill or gets injured. An unexpected vet visit could be a serious financial burden, cutting into your savings or even sending you into debt. With pet insurance, you can be reimbursed for covered expenses within five to fourteen business days.

Worry less

Many pet owners put off taking their pet to the vet, hoping the condition will improve even while they fear it won’t. With pet insurance, your overall expense is reduced, making costs less worrisome. Most policies reimburse 80% or more of vet costs. You don’t want your pet to suffer injury or illness. But should something happen, pet insurance offers financial protection to help you take care of your pet

If you enjoyed this post, why not share it with your friends and family with pets? They will thank you for it.



22 Interesting Facts About Tea


22 Interesting Facts About Tea

Hi, and happy Hump-Day (Wednesday, of course)! I love everything about tea, so it is no surprise that I love collecting interesting facts about tea, and anything related to it. Today, I wanted to share a list of 22 facts, that might surprise you. check it out:


22 Facts about Tea

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  1. In Russia tea was traditionally prepared in a samovar, which is a heated metal container that keeps it warm for hours.
  2. Ireland is the first nation of tea drinkers per capita, Britain is the second.
  3. A tea plant needs at least 50 inches of rain each year
  4. It takes 12 years for a tea plant to be able to produce seeds
  5. If not harvested, a tea plant can grow up to 52 feet tall
  6. Over half of the tea brewed in the US is made from tea bags – about 65 %.
  7. Black tea contains tannic acid, which can remove warts
  8. In order to appear that they are drinking whisky, Actors usually get watered down black tea, which looks very similar.
  9. The first book about tea comes from China, and was written in 780, and is called The Classic of Tea.
  10. Black, Green, Oolong, Dark and White teas come from the same plant, called Camellia sinensis.
  11. High tea originated with the working class British, who would return home at 6pm for dinner that always included strong tea
  12. According to Chinese Legend, the servants of Emperor Shen Nong where purifying water by boiling it, when leaves from the tea bush fell into the water. It was at that time considered as a tonic and health drink.
  13. The most expensive tea in the world is fertilised by Panda waste. It is grown in Ya’An, China, and cost about 200 dollars a cup of tea. Reminds me of the coffee that goes “through” a type of cat – no thank you, to both for me.
  14. Chinese call black tea “red tea”.
  15. The best-selling tea brand in the world is Lipton. Lipton tests their teas on animals, so I prefer different brands.
  16. Tea bags were invented in the US by accident, when customers placed sample silk bags into water, instead of emptying their contents, as it was intended.
  17. Tea only contains about half as much caffeine as coffee
  18. The only places were tea are grown in the US are a small island off the Coast of South Carolina, and also Hawaii
  19. Celestial Seasonings adds soy lecithin to your tea products, which is not good for those who are allergic to this unnecessary ingredient.
  20. In Russia, India, and many other places, Chai means tea, so don’t order chai tea there, they will look at you funny. Instead order Masala Chai.
  21. Pickled tea is a delicacy in Burma.
  22. Dampened tea leaves make a great mosquito repellant.

Shop ALOHA OnlineEnjoyed reading these facts? Some are rather strange, aren’t they?

If you enjoyed this article, check out my other articles about tea, as well as my tea recipe.

Tea Recipe:

Refreshing Citrus Green Iced Tea Recipe

Tea Facts And Information:

The Health Benefits of Peppermint Tea

10 Quick Facts About Oolong Tea

Which one of these facts surprised you the most? Do you know any strange facts about tea, you want to share with us? Leave a comment below!






Re-Discover Your Natural Energy And Enthusiasm


Re-Discover Your Natural Energy And Enthusiasm

Ever felt a complete lack of energy, that goes beyond any physical ailments you might have, or has nothing to do with your workload? That feeling of deep-seated inability to move forward despite a list of to-dos, that is a mile long, AND despite knowing all of the reasons why you want to do them?

Sometimes, motivation, inspiration, and reasons behind your goals are not enough. Sometimes, moving on, from those who have hurt you, does not free you. You have done everything you are supposed to do, yet, you seem to fall right back into the pattern, of an inability to move forward, to take action, to forcefully move on.

Have you checked your self-talk?

Our negative self-talk can be more draining than any physical ailment we can have. Negative self-talk might even go unnoticed for a while, a silent voice, that is so often with you, that you are not aware of it all of the time, but it is there, working on your soul, allowing you to not move forward because it drains you.

How to become aware of your self-talk.

Take a couple of days, noting your self-talk, by focusing upon your thoughts. Notice that I did not write correct, or criticize your self-talk. I want you to only become aware of your self-talk. If you recognize any patterns, like specific situations, time of day, or people who trigger this negative self-talk, then note that too.


Re-Discover Your Natural Energy And Enthusiasm

How to change your negative self-talk.

This is a multiple step process, that takes patience on your part, but it will be worth the work.

Step One:

Once you have done the above exercise, begin to thank your thoughts. These negative self-talks are here for a reason. They have protected you, made you aware of situations, and gave you anger – which at times, can be a motivator for  action. So, instead of forcing a change, acknowledge their presence, thank them, and move on.

Step two

After a few days of acknowledgments and thanking them, insert affirmations. Again, do not force change, but rather, insert a mantra of your choice, that you repeat three times. I suggest the following affirmation, but you can write one that particularly fits your negative self-talk. Smile when repeating this affirmation. I am safe in my here and now. I am positive and powerful.

Step three

Practice step two for 7 days, then move on to step three. By this time, you will already have  noticed that there will be less occurrences of negative self-talk in many instances. But for those times, when you still catch negative self-talk, assume a more powerful pose (see my post on power posing for more details), by straightening your spine, squaring your shoulders, and smiling, while repeating the mantra. Hold this post the entire time you repeat the affirmation, and assume it often throughout the day, holding it for at least one minute.

Re-Discover Your Natural Energy And Enthusiasm
Remember that creating new action take on average 21 days before becoming an automatic habit. Be patient with yourself and do not push. Forcing yourself to stop negative self-talk will not create lasting change. And, after all, that is what in the end we are all after – a lasting change, that increases the enjoyment of our entire life and not just a  temporary fix.




The Health Benefits of Peppermint Tea

The Health Benefits Of Peppermint Tea

My favorite herbal tea is Peppermint tea. It’s leaves when brewed loose are a perfect match for Tea Leaf Reading (more on that in an upcoming book, stay tuned! ) . But it also holds plenty of health benefits, that make this tea not only delicious but an important staple in anyone’s household. Simply place one heaping  spoonful of the dried leaves into your favorite cup, fill with hot water, and strain (unless you are using the leaves for a reading) after 6 minutes. Sweeten to taste.

Here are a few examples of what Peppermint tea has to offer:

Health Benefitsof Peppermint Tea (1)


A word of caution: Some people are allergic to this and other herbs. If you are prone to allergies to herbs, consult your health care professional before drinking this tea. Also, as always the information given in this blog is for educational purposes only. See disclaimer page for details.

Peppermint – Iced Tea makes a wonderful, caffeine-free alternative to traditional iced teas. It pairs especially well with lemon, which adds an even more refreshing twist to this drink.

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Enjoy this Peppermint-Lemon-Iced Tea recipe!

You will need:
4 cups of water
20 fresh peppermint leaves or 4 teaspoons of dried peppermint leaves
1 lemon
1 lime
5 tablespoons of sugar (or alternative sweetener of your liking – adjust amount accordingly)
ice cubes

Bring water to boil, add peppermint leaves and water into a pitcher, add sugar. Add the juice of the lemon and the lime to the mixture, stir well. Allow to  steep for 7 to 10 minutes. Fill into tall glasses, which are filled with ice.

Makes 4 servings